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The Bobby Bones Show Member Going to Hollywood Has Been Revealed

On Friday (April 15), Bobby Bones told The Bobby Bones Show that one member of the show was offered a movie role.

A major streaming service reached out to Bones asking if this particular person on the show would be interested in a movie role. Bones shared that the email came totally unprompted and he had nothing to do with it. He also revealed the movie has a major actress tied into it. He was asked if the person could leave the show for a week to shoot the role that would have 8 to 12 lines and he said absolutely, yes.

Bones also shared that there are only 5 people this could possibly be about: Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, Morgan or Raymundo. This week Lunchbox was eliminated first, then Morgan, then Raymundo. Then when it was down to Amy and Eddie, Lunchbox fussed enough and got himself put back into the running. During today's show (April 21), Bones finally revealed which show member got the movie role.

Eddie was eliminated first, and then Lunchbox was eliminated for a second time. It was revealed that Amy is the person going to Hollywood! She believes she manifested the role because for years she's talked about wanting to be an extra or a barista in a Hallmark Christmas movie. The details of the movie are vague for now, but we do know that she has a lot of lines and Amy will have to be gone for a few days next month to film.