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Bobby Bones & Raging Idiots Share New Song About Being Opening Act

This weekend is a huge weekend for Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots. They're opening for Garth Brooks at Razorback Stadium!

Bones shared this week that he has some anxiety about the big performance. He's not sure if Brooks crowd will understand what their band is all about. So he took some of those nerves and put them into a song along with the help of Eddie and Brandon Ray. They wrote "Nobody Cares About The Opening Act" about themselves as they head into the Brooks concert.

Some people took offense to the song because they claimed that's how they discovered some of their favorite artists. However, Bones was quick to tell people the song was written about themselves so he wasn't understanding all of the anger. Bones shared a video on Instagram of them practicing the song for the first time in rehearsals. Watch here!