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Jason Aldean Reveals Gift Garth Brooks Gave Him After Performing At Show

Jason Aldean stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for over an hour to talk about everything from dad life to new music to a gift Garth Brooks gave him.

Today Aldean released Georgia, the second half of his Macon, Georgia album. He shared they were trying to find something that he hasn't done before to mark his 10th studio album as a special occasion. They had never done a double album before, and he felt this project was the best way to combine all of the things he hasn't gotten to do before. Aldean's collaboration "If I Didn't Love You" with Carrie Underwood is on the latest project. The song was written by some of the guys in his band along with John Morgan, who is currently signed to Aldean's label and Aldean really liked it. But he admitted it wasn't until he heard Underwood sing on it that he knew the song was going to be something special. The collaboration marks a first for him, this song was in the top 10 for several weeks which has never been the case for Aldean before.

With all of the new music from Aldean finally out, he recalled on some previous hit songs and career memories. When looking back at his career, he shared the failure that changed his career. He was signed to Capitol Records back in 2000 and never recorded a single song. They ended up dropping him, and it was really tough on Aldean, because he felt like he never got a chance to prove himself. Although it made him sad, it also made him want to go out and prove himself. He ended up getting a record deal offer at Broken Bow Records, which was a smaller label at the time. He didn't have any idea how things would work out, but he signed because he was happy to have the opportunity. He also attributes some of his success to not knowing there were rules he needed to follow, so that meant he also didn't play by them. Obviously thinks worked out incredibly well for Aldean. "Big Green Tractor" was a massive hit for him, but it wasn't a huge favorite for Aldean. He thought the song was corny and cheesy, but his producer believed it would be big. So Aldean trusted him, and it ended up going number 1 for 4 weeks becoming the longest number 1 Aldean has ever had. And for the past 15 years, he's played the song in his set list every single night. Looking back to the song, Aldean realizes the song was a stepping stone in his career.

But Aldean isn't just a massive country artist, he is a dad whenever he goes home. Eddie recently saw him out at Chuck E. Cheese and Aldean chuckled saying "We got kids, we gotta do kids stuff." He added that his family often spends time at Chuck E. Cheese as well as the trampoline parks and zoos. Though all of that makes Aldean really happy. He loves to spend about 6 months of the year out touring, and then spend the rest of the year at home with his family. He's glad he's found the balance with his touring life and home life since he never had that before.

Some other interesting things Bobby Bones Show learned about Aldean include some things about karaoke and a gift Garth Brooks gave him. Aldean revealed he will sing karaoke if the situation is right, but he will never sing one of his own songs because he thinks that's corny. He has walked into bars on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee and heard people performing his songs, which he sees as flattering but he won't go up there to sing with them. His new song "Rolex on a Redneck" with Brantley Gilbert is actually a true story for Aldean. When Brooks played a show at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, he asked Aldean to come down and play with him. Aldean did and when he got there for his performance, Brooks had put a box in his dressing room with a Rolex inside.