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Lunchbox Claims He Has Beef With Chris Janson After Event

Lunchbox has beef with a country artist.

The Bobby Bones Show members often get invited to album release parties for various country artists. Chris Janson just had an album release party to celebrate his new album All In. Janson's team invited the show to attend the celebration. When Lunchbox responded to the invite, he told them he needed plus 4, not just plus 1. He wanted tickets for his wife and 3 kids. The invite said their would be beverages and light bites so he thought he could take his whole family for dinner.

Janson's team responded by saying they were sorry and they couldn't accommodate a plus 4 request. Because of that, Lunchbox said he is now beefing with Janson because the album title is All In, so Lunchbox's family should be all in. Until Janson apologizes Lunchbox isn't going to support Janson or listen to his music.

Bobby Bones said he wasn't on Lunchbox's beef with him, he said that it was totally reasonable that Janson's team couldn't accommodate a plus 4 rather than just a plus 1.