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Brett Eldredge Open To Doing Short Run on Broadway

Brett Eldredge announced his new album Songs About You. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new music, his love life, and what he's been up to lately.

Songs About You will be out on June 17th and Eldredge just released the title track. He actually came up with the melody one day and recorded a voice memo of the melody and the lyric "songs about you." Then he took that voice memo to the song write with Ben West and Jessie Jo Dillon. While Eldredge isn't currently living the song's storyline, he shared that he's once been there or experienced something similar in his life to be able to write about it.

Eldredge confessed that he's experienced love in his life, but he doesn't believe he's ever been in "deep love" before. Phone Screener Abby asked how he's still single when he's "such a catch." Eldredge admitted that he's always put love off to the side and been focused on his music career. In the last few years, Eldredge has been focused on getting to know himself more so in this moment he feels like love is likely coming around the corner for him. Adding that he has been manifesting a deep love. In getting to know himself better, Eldredge enjoys his alone time. He spends time reflecting while on drives or going out into nature.

While manifesting love, Eldredge is also still looking to the future with his career. He said he would do a Broadway musical for a short run. Back in high school, he was known as the singing guy and the class clown. He never really had just one group of friends, he hung out with several of the different groups. One of those groups was the theater kids because he was in the school's musicals for Grease to Oklahoma!. Eldredge recalled borrowing his dad's wedding ring for a scene in Grease and when the other actress threw the ring at him, they lost his dad's wedding ring for awhile.

Watch the entire interview with Brett Eldredge above.