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Jillian Jacqueline & TJ Osborne Perform Collab “Better With a Broken Heart”

Jillian Jacqueline and TJ Osborne recently dropped a collaboration "Better With A Broken Heart." They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform it and share how the collaboration came together.

When Jacqueline co-wrote "Better With A Broken Heart" with Adam James and Tofer Brown, she felt like the song sounded like a classic country song she grew up listening to. After hearing it, she heard Osborne's voice on the song, so she reached out to him to see if he was interested. He didn't respond right way, he actually sat with the song for awhile. Then he responded sharing he was down to do the song with her. They recently filmed the music video for it together and it was actually done at a family's home in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. They both shared that their director on the video was really scrappy and just found some random houses they liked on the outside, and then went up to the doors asking the owners if they could shoot a music video there. One family ended up saying yes, and Osborne recalled going to the house on the day of the shoot. He walked in the front door and saw the family just sitting in the living room watching Family Feud.

Besides her career, Jacqueline's personal life is very busy. She got married to her guitar player and together they have a 5-month-old baby named Rockwell. Their baby's name was inspired by Jacqueline's love for the artist Norman Rockwell, and their shared love of the Rocky movies. Jacqueline admitted she's really tired and having a baby makes things more challenging, but also as equally joyful. She's loved getting to pursue being an artist and being a mom at the same time. They often pack Rockwell up and bring him on the road with them. Things will get even busier as Jacqueline is dropping her new album on June 10th.

As for Osborne, he's currently sporting some blonde hair. He admitted that he really just wanted to change things up, but his mom really hates it. And Brothers Osborne is set to put out a new single in the coming weeks. Osborne also addressed his acceptance speech at the ACM Awards where he mentioned that Brothers Osborne's song was pulled from country radio. He didn't mean for his speech to be taken the way it was. He meant it to be self-deprecating to show that life can change so quickly in a matter of days. Because the facts were that the previous week sucked for them with their song being taken off country radio, and then the next week they won an ACM award.

Watch Jillian Jacqueline and TJ Osborne's performance of "Better With A Broken Heart" below!