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Amy’s Daughter Wanted to Watch R-Rated Movie at Birthday Party

Amy's daughter Stachira celebrated her birthday over the weekend with a pool party, movies, and cake.

Stachira wanted to have an all girls birthday party to celebrate, so she had 17 of her friends over to swim in the pool. After the pool day, Amy set up a movie screen outside so they could all watch a movie together. Stachira requested that they watch the older movie Scream. She told Amy that she already checked with all of her friends and they were good with watching it. However, when Amy checked the website she found out the movie is rated-R. She didn't want to call all 17 of the girls' parents to ask if they were ok with the rated-R movie.

Despite Stachira really wanting to watch Scream, Amy said it wasn't a great idea without all of the parents' permission. So they ended up watching Daddy Day Care and Amy says everyone liked it.