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Lunchbox’s Parents Review Amy’s Sister’s TV Show ‘Building Roots’

Lunchbox currently has family in town, including his parents. He asked them to watch and review Amy's sister's new HGTV show Building Roots.

He asked them to review it separately so they didn't influence each other's opinions. Lunchbox's mom admitted she doesn't watch many remodeling shows, but she liked Building Roots. She would watch the show again, and she even confessed that she likes Cristi's taste so much, she wants her to come do their home.

On the other hand, Lunchbox's dad thought the show was alright. He doesn't really watch those kind of shows because he lived that lifestyle for many years. He and his brother spent over 30 years flipping houses and keeping up with rental properties. With all of his knowledge, the shows he has seen don't typically give realistic price budgets. Though he did say that because Amy's brother-in-law is a contractor, he felt like the prices on their show were more realistic. He won't be watching it again, but gave it a grade B on a A-F scale.

Building Roots airs every Sunday night on HGTV at 9/8 p.m. CT.