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Eddie Attempts to Spill the Tea on Scuba Steve

Eddie wanted to spill the tea on Scuba Steve today (April 27) during The Bobby Bones Show.

Scuba is the show's executive producer. He is the bridge between our sales department and members of the show. So whenever a client wants to advertise on the show, they talk with Scuba about which show member is able to voice the commercials and potentially endorse the product. Recently, Eddie heard a commercial on the radio that Scuba was voicing. He assumed Scuba stole the commercial (and the money attached to it) from all of the other show members rather than offering it up to them.

The client was FlexCar and because it was a vehicle company, none of the other show members were actually able to voice for them. Scuba Steve explained that all of the show members already have vehicle clients they're attached to, which means they can't do any other vehicle commercials/endorsements. Bobby and Raymundo work with Hyundai, Amy works with Nissan, Eddie and Morgan work with Jeep, and Lunchbox works with Toyota. But not only that, FlexCar also asked for Scuba specifically. He said it's the only partnership he's done, because he always tries to connect the main show members to the clients.

So Scuba wasn't actually "taking any money" from the rest of the show members, he was just doing his job.