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Amy Details Daughter's Birthday With Peach Cake & Mini Fridge

Amy's daughter Stachira just celebrated her 15th birthday. She had an all girls pool party to celebrate and Amy shared some more details on The Bobby Bones Show today (April 28).

We shared earlier this week that Amy's daughter wanted to watch an R-rated movie for her party, but Amy had to make the executive decision not to show it since she didn't have all of the parents' permission. Amy said that her daughter has been wanting a mini fridge in her room for several months now. Amy and her husband didn't think she needed one up there, and there wasn't an area to put it in her room. But they decided for Stachira's birthday to finally gift her the mini fridge. They ended up moving one of the nightstands out of the room, and putting the mini fridge in its place.

Amy also attempted to bake a peach cake that Stachira really wanted for her party. The cake was popular from a Korean YouTube video and didn't have any written instructions. So Amy tried to watch the video and bake the cake as best as possible, but it didn't quite turn out the way it was supposed to. Amy documented how the cake turned out on her Instagram.