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If We Had Elon Musk Money, We Would Buy These Companies

Elon Musk has been in the news lately, particularly for his buyout of Twitter for $44 million. His big buy sparked a conversation on The Bobby Bones Show.

The show discussed what company they would love to buy and what they would do to make it better. The companies they discussed are Uber/UberEats, Instagram, Southwest, Apple, Nascar, OnlyFans, NASA, Pizza Hut, and the country of Haiti. Check out everyone's company they would buy if they had $50 million and what they would do with it!

  • Bobby: Uber and UberEats, Instagram, Southwest, and Apple. With Uber, Bobby wants to allow starring of favorite drivers so he could request them for future times.
  • Amy: Haiti - She wants to purchase the entire country. She would scrub all of the bad people taking over right now and fix up the roads for the residents. Then she could visit with her kids.
  • Eddie: NASCAR - He wants to make the races more like Mario Kart.
  • Lunchbox: OnlyFans - He wants to hire more hotties, because at the current moment they just let anyone get on there.
  • Morgan: NASA - She wants to release all the information they have about extra terrestrials and further explore outside of our solar system for any intelligent life.
  • Raymundo: Pizza Hut - He would bring back some of the old school items they've taken off their menu, he would make delivery options better, and he would make sure they have deep dish pizza all over the country.