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Here Are the Products the Bobby Bones Show Loves Right Now

The Bobby Bones Show Recommends segment happened on the show today (May 3). The show will often share the TV shows or movies they do or don't recommend watching, but today it was focused on products.

Amy shared a product called Lobe Wonder Support Patches, which helps damaged ears from heavy earrings. She said it's helped with her ears in a big way. Morgan shared OOFOs recovery sandals. She had broken her big toe and it turned into plantar fasciitis, so she got a pair of these shoes suggested by her mother and sister. She wears them everyday at home and they've helped her feet feel drastically better.

Lunchbox suggested a product called Bunch O Balloons. They are rapid filling, self tying balloons. So if you remember having to fill one balloon up at a time at the faucet, this product allows you to fill up and tie 100 water balloons in just 1 minute. Then Bobby suggested a product called Natural Vitality CALM. It's a magnesium supplement that one drinks to feel calm and let go of stress. Bobby said it's helped him significantly in sleeping better.