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Amy Shared More Details On Her Movie Role

Amy shared her first update from Hollywood on The Bobby Bones Show today (May 5). 

While she hasn't gotten much sleep, she admitted she's been having a great time. She already hopes she can do more acting one day. Her first highlight from things was that her wink got removed from the script and replaced with a hug. Some of her original lines also got removed, but some new ones got added. Amy still has a pivotal scene in the movie, it happens in the bathroom with the main character.

Amy revealed that it's a Christmas movie and it will be on HBO Max at some point. She also shared that she did have access to wardrobe on set, but ended up bringing her own clothes because they made her more comfortable. She confessed that she had nerves leading up to her first acting moment, but once the lights turned on all of her nerves went away. She's been having fun with it and everyone on set has been really kind.

The writer on the movie was one of the main characters in Netflix's California Christmas and there is already some buzz about a sequel to the movie Amy is doing.