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Bobby Bones Helped 6th Grader Reese With Jason Aldean Request

6th grader Reese called into The Bobby Bones Show because she hoped that Bobby Bones could help her with something.

Bois D'Arc Elementary School in Missouri where Reese attends is having a talent show on May 18th. She wanted to perform Jason Aldean's song "1994" with Aldean as a duet. So she called Bones in hopes that he could help connect her with Aldean. Bones set the expectation that Aldean likely wasn't going to be able to attend the talent show, but he could potentially do a video introducing Reese.

Aldean happened to be listening to the show when this whole segment happened. So he texted Bones saying that he could do a video for Reese. Then he called into the show to get some details and spoke to Reese about her performing the fun song.