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Understanding Hormones & Cycle Syncing With Brooke Rozzie

Amy's guest today is Brooke Rozzie, an expert in Cycle Syncing and understanding how hormones fluctuate throughout the different seasons of our monthly cycle. If women can understand their cycle and why we feel the way we do during different times of the month, everything makes so much more sense! (It is NOT in our head and we aren't going crazy!) - This is literally our very own superpower that is completely underutilized! Brooke likes to relate a woman's cycle to seasons of the year:


WINTER = Period (end of luteal, start of follicular)

*Hormones are low. Wanting to go internal. Need more rest than usual.


SPRING = Post Period (follicular stage)

*Estrogen on the rise. Energy + Libido increasing. Handling stress well.


SUMMER = Ovulation (end of follicular, start of luteal)

*Estrogen at peak. Libido + Energy is high. More spontaneous! This is the time when you "can" get pregnant and also the time you are most "in the mood".


FALL = Pre-Period (luteal stage)

*Progesterone on the rise. May notice an increase in hunger + sleep. May feel more creative and want to organize.


Brooke breaks all of this down with Amy and they end with Brooke doing '4 Things Gratitude' (sharing 4 things she is currently thankful for!!)



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Podcast: The Power of a Woman


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