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Eddie Doesn’t Want His 8 & 7-Year-old Kids Using This Word

Eddie and his wife have four children ages 13, 8, 7, and 3. He shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (May 11) that he caught his 8-year-old and 7-year-old having a conversation about something that bothered him.

He walked by his kids' room and heard the two kids discussing a girl, and they called her "hot." They were throwing the word around like it was no big deal. Eddie didn't want them to keep talking using that word, so he walked into the room and told them that they could no longer use that word, but they could use a word like "pretty." Eddie didn't necessarily mind about the commenting on a girl's attractiveness scale, but he believes they're too young to say if someone is hot or not.

No one on the show agreed with Eddie. Bobby doesn't think the word is offensive. Amy thinks that it was an innocent conversation between brothers and Eddie blew it up more. Lunchbox believes Eddie is being an overreactive parent and needs to chill out. There were a few parents and teachers who called into the show and took Eddie's side. They thought the word "hot" should not be used among young kids.