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Craig Morgan Shares Why ‘Beyond The Edge’ Felt Like a Survival Vacation

Craig Morgan called into the Bobby Bones Show to share an unreleased song and share some stories about his life lately.

While talking with Morgan, he was out getting tomato plants for his garden. He told Bobby Bones that his family spends their summers in Florida and their winters in Alaska living off the grid. So currently he's soaking up the warm weather and working in his garden. Bones wanted to know more about how Morgan spends his days based on his hit song "That's What I Love About Sunday." Instead of just talking about Sunday, Bones asked Morgan to share what he loved about every week day. Monday is like his Sunday because it's a day off for him. Tuesday is steak night with his wife, which they have been doing for several years now. Wednesday doesn't have any special things attached to it for Morgan. Thursday he gets on his bus and heads to see fans for his tour. Friday is when he hits the stage to perform. Saturday is when he spends his days going on a bike ride and a run before he goes on stage for another night of performing. He shared that Saturdays are the days he gets his longest bike ride in, doing more than 50+ miles. And he has crashed on his bike a couple of times. Morgan admitted he doesn't eat much breakfast, he instead has about 3 cups of coffee. He admitted that he really only sees food as fuel rather than an experience. In his down time, he's been watching Inventing Anna on Netflix.

Speaking of television shows, Morgan was just on CBS' TV show Beyond The Edge. The show brought on nine celebrities who were split into two teams and they had to compete in challenges while living in the Panama jungle. For Morgan, the show wasn't as difficult for him as his fellow celebrities. He admitted he's been there, done that, and he still does live like that sometimes. He has been to Panama before, so he was aware of the food resources as well as all the things out in the jungle that want to hurt you. So to him it felt like he was taking a survival vacation. The only challenge with the TV show was that it felt like he was running a triathlon every day with the challenges and then having to go find food while exhausted.

Morgan is no stranger to survival techniques. He served almost 10 years on active duty in the United States Army, plus another 6.5 years in the reserves. He was also a police officer before pursuing his music career. When talking about his time as a police officer, Morgan told Bones that he did sing sometimes while he was in uniform, but never when it would take away from his job duties. He shared that he did get pepper sprayed before becoming an officer and admitted he would rather be tased 3 times than ever being pepper sprayed again. According to Morgan, the tasing hurts really bad, but the pain is over quickly. With pepper spray, it stays with you for some time.

Despite having several hits under his belt, Morgan is excited about the new music he's making. He shared an unreleased song called "Make A Man" with Bones. During the interview, Bones played the song and Morgan shared that he believes it is a song his fans will all really love. Also, Morgan's new memoir God, Family, Country will be out in the fall on September 27th and then Morgan heads out on The God, Family, Country Tour shortly after.