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Allie Colleen Lets Her Fans Choose Temporary Face Tattoo for Every Show

Allie Colleen just released a new song called "Halos and Horns," she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform the song and share some updates on her career.

For over 5 years, Colleen spent her Saturday nights performing at Scoreboard in Nashville. It was one of the only places in town that allowed her to play her original music, so she stayed loyal to performing there. That's often where fans caught her performances at the beginning of her career. Now she feels like she's growing as a performer. She added that even her fans have noticed her growth. She's putting in a lot of time for her fans, literally. She stays up until the early hour of mornings so that she can do TikTok lives with her fans in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland. Though she admitted she also does it because her fans over there are much kinder to her in the comment section than the people in the United States. The comment section tends to impact her live performances because she's always reading the comments to stay engaged, and if negative comments come through it can get to her. Some of the comments try to mess with her as well. They will come on just to comment that someone is behind her, and it's created a fear for Colleen that someone is going to stab her during a live stream.

Colleen loves to connect with her fans through more than just a comment section. She has a temporary face tattoo that she allows her fan club to choose what she has as the tattoo for each show. Her temporary face tattoo started out because Colleen was considering getting a face tattoo, but ended up becoming another way for her to connect with her fans. Colleen had another temporary tattoo for a few months, her neck tattoo. She liked the firefly and placement of the tattoo so then she got it done permanently. Besides getting tattoos and performing, Colleen likes to spend a lot of time with her horses. She grew up loving animals because of her family's wildlife rehabilitation back in Oklahoma. Her horses have helped her with some of her music, Colleen admitted she sings to them a lot.

"Halos and Horns" is Colleen's newest song. The song was inspired by the fine line between good and bad. Her family has had a mantra for her entire life that "everything is a blessing and a curse." But also for Colleen, she's always tried to identify herself on her own, away from her family's legacy. She believes this song represents the battle she deals with on a day to day basis. The song was co-written with her friends Eric Dodd and Stephen Hunley and produced by fellow country artists Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann. Watch Allie Colleen's performance of "Halos and Horns" below!