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Someone Is Stealing Money From Eddie’s Kids

Eddie revealed during The Bobby Bones Show today (May 16) that someone is stealing money from his kids.

For several weeks, Eddie noticed that money was missing from 3 of his kids' wallets. He shared that his youngest child has a vending cart. It comes with fake sodas, fake sandwiches, and fake hot dogs. During the same weeks, his youngest son would push the vending cart around the house and charge Eddie and his wife for the hot dogs. Eddie would give him play money, and his son would give him real cash back. Eddie thought that his wife was giving their son real money for his vending cart to make it seem more real.

Turns out, Eddie's youngest son was taking real money out of his 3 brothers' wallets and using it for his vending cart. Eddie said it was about $23 in cash that the youngest child stole from his brothers before they finally figured out what was going on.