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Bobby Bones New TV Show ‘Snake in the Grass’ Announced

Last year, Bobby Bones spent over a month in Costa Rica filming an undisclosed TV show.

The show he was filming was finally announced over the weekend. USA Network ordered a few new series and one of them is a social experiment fronted by Bones. The show is called Snake in the Grass which will see four strangers get dropped into the wild and have a chance to win $100,000. But in order to win, the team must figure out which one of them is the "snake" - aka the one sabotaging every move of the group.

Bones shared some more details during The Bobby Bones Show today (May 16). The TV series will also be on the streaming service Peacock. Bones admitted he didn't know it was going to be on USA Network until the announcement came out. While in Costa Rica, Bones said they shot 8 episodes and the show is a solid mix of things like Survivor, The Mole, and Clue. He also didn't know during the filming who was the "snake" of each group.

There has not been a premiere date set for the series yet.