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Bobby Bones Receives Honorary Doctorate at the University of Arkansas

On May 14th, Bobby Bones received his honorary doctorate from the University of Arkansas.

While the school isn't where Bones attended college initially, it holds a special place in his heart being from Arkansas. He's been a big supporter of several of the school's programs, especially within athletics. Bones recalled several things that happened before and during the ceremony. 2 minutes before he went up to give his speech, he found out that it was a doctorate ceremony rather than an undergraduate ceremony. Despite having to make some edits on the fly with the new information, he still gave his speech an A-.

During his speech, Bones talked about having small goals to achieve big success. He related it to how much he hated running, but he used small goals to achieve a milestone run. He did make a few jokes in the speech, but admitted he also got choked up, which was unexpected. He wished his mother and grandmother were there to see him receive the honor. Though his family, Caitlin and her parents were in attendance. He also made sure to thank his playstation league. Bones noted that getting an honorary doctorate was in his top 3 favorite moments along with getting married, and running into Coach Pittman at the urinal.

When he asked what getting an honorary doctorate meant for him, Bones was told that people can now call him Dr. Bobby Bones. However, signing his name that way is frowned upon. His name is also now sketched into the sidewalk at the school and he is an alumni.