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Law Enforcement Contacted Amy About Her Class Ring

Amy has been searching for her stolen class ring for years. Recently, her and Bobby Bones put up a reward for whoever finds it.

While Amy was living in North Carolina with her husband, their home was broken into and her Aggie (college) class ring was stolen. During The Bobby Bones Show today (May 17), Amy shared that law enforcement from North Carolina who listen to the show reached out to her. They told her if she sent them some personal information about the theft, they could run it through their databases and see if they could track down the ring.

Amy hasn't sent in her information yet, she was hesitant because she didn't know if it was all legit. She believes the woman who messaged her is a state trooper. The woman was willing to meet up with Amy in Nashville when she comes to town to show Amy her badges. Amy was still hesitant so now Lunchbox is going to reach out to the listener/state trooper to find out if they're actually legit.