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The Show Reads Their Sleep Stories for the Soothing Voice Competition

Some people listen to soothing sounds to fall asleep or to meditate. That's why the Calm app was created. It's a mental wellness app that produces meditation products, including guided meditations and sleep stories.

The app has gotten celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey to voice for them. But now, the Calm app is looking for its next super soothing voice and whoever wins it can also win a $5,000 cash prize. Anyone who wants to enter can do so via TikTok by duetting this video with them reciting something original in their most soothing voice.

The Bobby Bones Show held their own competition of the best sleep voice for $50 of Bobby Bones money. Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, and Raymundo all submitted a version.

Amy's was called "Free Flow Into Sleep" because she recorded it using her car's air conditioner as background noise and she just "free flowed" the whole thing. Eddie's was called "The Journey Into the Clouds," where he compared pillows to clouds. Raymundo's was called "Less Stress, More Life" which is own personal life mantra and he used a lot of rhymes. Then Lunchbox's was called "Walkin' to the Waterfall" where he compared falling asleep to seeing a calming waterfall.

Judges Bobby, Morgan, and Mike D declared Eddie the winner of the competition, with Raymundo in second place, then Lunchbox, and Amy was disqualified. Hear everyone's sleep story submission here!