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Morgan Does Blindfolded Smell Test After Losing Smell to COVID Months Ago

Morgan had COVID back in August of 2021, but she has yet to get her smell back 100%. She has had moments of smells, but nothing concrete.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (May 18) Morgan did a blind smell test to see if her smell is coming back at all. First they put a burning candle in front of her face, but she could feel the heat so she knew it was something on fire. Then they put a sharpie in front of her nose, and she thought it was some type of cleaning solution or nail polish remover. Next they put a freshly cut onion in front of her nose and she thought it was some kind of meat.

Then the next item they put in front of her nose was curry powder, where she accurately guessed it was some kind of spice. She didn't smell curry powder, she said it smelled like a mix of a lot of spices. Next Mike D sprayed Raymundo's cologne on his wrist and put it in front of her nose. Her immediate response was that it smelled like cookies. The last item they put in front of her nose was Lunchbox's soccer shinguards. That was the only item Morgan guessed correctly, she said body odor or sweat from the gym.