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The Guys Confess the Things They’re Not Good at in Their Marriages

The guys on the Bobby Bones Show discussed a recent survey that came out about relationships. The survey shared the top things guys do that drives their wives/girlfriends crazy.

Bobby, Eddie, Lunchbox, and Raymundo are all married so they discussed the top things and shared where they fall on the topic. One of the things was going into "fix it mode," most guys will go into fix it mode to help their partner rather than just listening. Bobby admitted it's probably the thing he's worst at because he just wants to fix problems right away when his wife just wants him to listen to her. Eddie and Raymundo also admitted they like to fix problems right away so things don't linger. Lunchbox said he doesn't have this problem because he just listens while he watches TV.

Another topic was men not being able to balance their hobbies well with their personal life. Bobby admitted his problem is balancing work with his personal life which he has actively been working on. He does also sometimes sit on his Playstation and lose track of time. Eddie said he doesn't have any problems with balance, he's good at having personal time while also making time for his family. One of the other topics was not being complimented enough. Bobby and Raymundo feel like they're good at complimenting their wives often.

Another item on the list was not being able to leave work stress at the door. Eddie shared he has some time to decompress before his wife and kids get home so he doesn't have a problem with that. Raymundo and Lunchbox say they don't have a problem with that at all, they don't stress about work at home. Bobby feels like he's always in work so it never really gets "left." On another topic that Bobby feels like he could be better at is fighting dirty. He feels like he's too competitive so he could be better about that. Eddie and Lunchbox admitted they need to work on this one as well.