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The Guys Confessed Where They Stand on Traditional Masculine Things

There's a Reddit thread discussing the dumbest mainstream masculine things that men actually hate. Bobby Bones posed some of the biggest responses to Amy, Eddie, and Lunchbox so they could share where they stand on the matter.

One of the comments said "having a really strong handshake." Amy and Eddie said it's important to them, but Bobby and Lunchbox disagreed. Bobby related a man squeezing his hand too hard to if a car is too jacked up. Another comment was "drinking black coffee," which no one thought was an important thing. "Fighting" was another thing noted and Lunchbox was the only one who felt it's still important, he likes to be ready to defend his wife's honor. Another one only Lunchbox thought was still ok to do for men was "being loose with personal hygiene." No one on the show agreed with "chewing tobacco."

Another big one on the list was "insecurities about wearing pink, holding a purse, or ordering a fruity cocktail." Lunchbox said this one wasn't for him, while Amy and Eddie were ok with it. Bobby admitted that he only orders fruity mocktails and pink is one of his favorite colors to wear. Lunchbox admitted that he does the "being stoic in photos" whenever he rocks his model face. One of the others on the list was "driving a big, loud truck" and Eddie is the only one who drives a big, loud vehicle but said he didn't mean for that to be the case, he just wanted a jeep.