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Celebrities We Would Have Freaked Out Meeting as Kids

There's a video making the rounds on the Internet again of a big fan.

Harry Styles is a massive artist and when he went on the Today Show back in 2020, a fan was crying in the crowd from seeing him. Styles saw it all happen and decided to gift the fan VIP tickets to his tour, to which she then started to freak out even more. The video has racked up thousands of views on YouTube and TikTok.

So Bobby Bones asked the crew if they had a celebrity they would have freaked out over getting to meet when they were young. The answers were across the board from artists, actors, models, and athletes.

Bobby's: David Letterman

Photo: AFP

Bobby's: Mark Grace (Chicago Cubs)

Photo: Getty Images North America

Amy's: Patrick Swayze

Photo: AFP

Lunchbox's: Cindy Crawford

Photo: AFP

Eddie's: Garth Brooks

Country music artist Garth Brooks preforms his son

Photo: AFP

Morgan's: Shania Twain

Photo: AFP