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Lainey Wilson Met Dierks Bentley Moments Before Performing With Him

Lainey Wilson just released a new song called "Heart Like A Truck," she stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share the story behind it as well as talk about her career success lately.

In the last year, Wilson has scored two number 1s at country radio with "Things A Man Oughta Know," and the Cole Swindell collaboration "Never Say Never." When Swindell reached out to Wilson to do the collaboration, she admitted he took a risk on her because her song hadn't hit number 1 yet. He's been a big supporter of hers since the beginning of their collaboration and she feels like it's important to have people like Swindell supporting her and cheering her on. Now Wilson has been focused on her new song "Heart Like A Truck" that she dropped today. When Wilson wrote this song with her co-writers they were all going through some things. So they wanted to write a song that focused on the life concept "it's not about where you've been, it's about where you go." They hope the song connects to people on finding their freedom and strength while not being afraid of the journey along the way.

Besides her two number 1s, Wilson won two big awards at the ACM Awards. Everything has been happening so fast in the last year that Wilson admitted she's just trying her best to take in every moment. With the release of her new song, Wilson also shared she has a new album coming later this year. She just finished up in the studio and told Bobby Bones that she has grown a lot as a human the past few years so she's excited for this new project.

On some random topics, Wilson shared the story about a fan who got her face tattooed on his arm. She felt very flattered by the gesture, but confessed she would never have done something like that herself. When she found out about the fan's tattoo, they were at a meet and greet in Duluth, Minnesota. The fan was leaving and ran back in to show her the tattoo because he had forgotten about it. Wilson is also super excited because this is the first time in her career she's had her own tour bus. Though her fridge on her tour bus is more stocked than her fridge at home. Wilson shared that there are likely only a few things in her refrigerator at home: protein drinks, a lot of condiments and takeout from Outback Steakhouse.

Recently, Wilson performed at our iHeartCountry Festival. She was part of the surprise guest moment when Dierks Bentley was brought out on stage. Wilson admitted she had never meant Bentley before that night. They ran through the song they were going to perform together about 3 minutes before she went on stage.