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Lunchbox’s Wife Shares Her Opinion on Him Forgetting Their Anniversary

Lunchbox asked his wife to share how she really felt about him forgetting their wedding anniversary.

He asked her to record some audio and then send it to Scuba Steve so that she could be really honest about how she felt without Lunchbox's influence on it. We all listened to the audio together during The Bobby Bones Show this morning (May 23). Lunchbox's wife said she doesn't care that he forgot because she knows he's busy and works a lot, especially because he has to go out in the afternoons and evenings to record audio for the show. She said it's fine that they didn't do anything. Then she added that it would be a little nice if they did something sweet and special.

Lunchbox's wife even mentioned the gift card he got from Chris Janson, she said they could have used that for their anniversary. Or he could have just cooked her some dinner and bought flowers. She hopes that maybe next year they can do something.

Bobby Bones and Amy told him that based on the tone of her voice, she wasn't really ok with the fact that he forgot. They encouraged him to do something to make up for it, and even Amy was willing to send over something to the house just for her to make up for him forgetting.