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The Power of Empathy + Are You Oversharing? (5th Thing)

Welcome to the '5th Thing' with Amy & Kat!! Today’s quote: “Power of empathy: I’m in it with you. I’m not here to fix you. I’m not here to feel it for you. I’m here to feel with you and let you know you’re not alone.” -Brene Brown 


Amy reads a few listener emails: one about connection & sharing things, one about a co-worker conflict, and another about evolving (which FYI: if you’re not evolving, you're dead!)


Kat gives us something to keep in mind when it comes to what we share publicly (like on social media or other platforms): “There is this culture that our whole lives can be exposed if we want them to be.” (Sometimes just sharing a small detail is more powerful than giving it all.)


Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta + @YouNeedTherapyPodcast.


Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy!

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