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Amy Got Scammed by Stranger That Came to Her Door

Amy's been the victim of a lot of different scams lately.

She was the victim of another scam when a stranger came to her door recently. Amy doesn't normally answer the door for strangers, but her daughter was being picked up by another parent around the same time the stranger showed up. When the doorbell rang, she thought it was her daughter's friend. But it turned out to be this stranger who shared he was going door to door in an effort to expunge his record. He had spent the last 9 months in prison and has been out for 6 months. Part of the work to expunge his record came from working for a company that helps with food insecurity.

He appealed her emotions by telling her he was adopted, and she talked about the adoption of her kids. She said there were tears involved on both sides. After their emotional conversation and hearing about his cause, Amy wanted to help him out by donating. And she was willing to donate a big, undisclosed amount. He had the website pulled up on his phone, so Amy put her credit card in via his phone. As soon as she submitted the donation, his phone died. Amy didn't feel like it was a scam, but admitted some things felt off.

Mike D dug into the company that the stranger worked for so that Amy could have some answers. He found out their website led to another company, who has been known for scams. So much so that police have even shared details about their scams and asked that anyone who gets one of their employees at their door should call the police.