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Controversy in the Studio After Someone Stole Lainey Wilson Signed Poster

Someone may be getting fired from the Bobby Bones Show.

There's some serious controversy in the studio after a signed poster to Bobby Bones from Lainey Wilson went up for sale on eBay. The signed poster never made it to Bones, but it made it to his office. And then somehow ended up on eBay being sold as memorabilia. Scuba Steve reached out to the seller of the poster and asked how they got the poster. The seller claimed they were walking to their work when they saw the poster in a trash can and pulled it out.

Bones doesn't think the claims are truthful. He doesn't understand how a guy known for selling memorabilia just happens on a trash can with the poster, especially when no one on the show threw it out. There's a lot of grey area around the story and no one on the show claims to have any relative information. Bones said that if someone fessed up today (May 24) then they wouldn't be in trouble, but if something comes out later then they might be fired. Still, no one fessed up. So either no one on the show truly has any information, or someone is keeping a secret.