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Eddie Fulfilled His Punishment by Barking Like a Dog in Public

After a few incidents of the Bobby Bones Show crew not knowing what's happening during the show, Bobby Bones decided to put some perimeters in place so that a show member would be punished if they weren't paying attention.

Amy, Eddie, and Lunchbox have all been flagged for not paying attention during the live show or the Post Show. However the punishments weren't put in place until recently. Eddie was the first show member to not be paying attention during the show on two different occasions and have to do a punishment. For the first offense, a show member has to pay $20 to put in a jar, and then the money collected will be donated at the end of the year. For the second offense, a show member has to go to a breakfast or coffee place during the show and bark like a dog until someone asks them to stop. Then for the third offense, a show member has to put a temporary tattoo on their face that they have to wear until it fades down on its own, it can't be washed off.

So Eddie paid up $20 for his first offense, but then he was caught not paying attention for a second time. That meant he had to bark like a dog in public, so he finally fulfilled that punishment. He went to a coffee shop where he barked for 2 minutes and 40 seconds before he begged someone to ask him to stop. A stranger came up to him and told him that he liked his barking, but he fulfilled Eddie's request and asked the barking to stop. Hear all of Eddie's barking in public above!