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Charlie Worsham & John Osborne Perform New Collaboration “Anything Like Me”

Charlie Worsham stopped by The Bobby Bones Show this morning (May 27) and he brought some famous friends with him, Dierks Bentley and John Osborne of Brothers Osborne.

Worsham has been around Nashville for a long time, but he just recently scored his first ACM Award for his guitar skills. Not only that, he's spent his career creating some long lasting relationships with several people in country music. Worsham and Osborne have been writing a lot together recently, but it's nothing new. The two of them have a long history, they were in a band together once upon a time named King Billy. So over the years the two of them have collaborated on things, and Osborne is on Worsham's short list of people he can call when he needs help or advice. Worsham hopes that one day the two of them can do an album together. Although that's not in the works yet, they did just write a new song together called "Anything Like Me" which they recorded as a collaboration. Worsham confessed he's having more fun playing music than he ever has in his career, and he's working on more collaborations, one of them being with The Cadillac Three.

While in with Worsham to perform their new collaboration, Osborne shared that the Brothers Osborne just mixed the first song off their next project. They plan to go back in October and finish up the record.

Bentley stopped by the studio with Worsham and Osborne just to hang out, particularly because Worsham is hitting the road with Bentley as part of his group, the Hot Country Knights. But while he was hanging out, he shared with Bones that he has a new song coming out this July. Currently he's focused on his new collaboration with Elle King called "Worth A Shot." Though he added that he will have songs on his upcoming album that were written with Worsham and Osborne, respectively. He also shared some interesting stories from touring over the years. Bentley has had his same tour bus since 2013, but apparently there was a mice situation on the bus years ago. When Bentley and his band walked on the bus one day, there were earbuds chewed up, Xbox controller pieces were missing, and peanut shells in shoes. Then they discovered there were several mice on their bus, so they had to get someone on to exterminate. Now though, Bentley flies himself and his family to every show. He's very thankful for airplanes because of that, he feels like if he couldn't tour with a jet, then he couldn't be a good dad for his family. He also shared he's focused on his Seven Peaks Festival that will be happening over Labor Day weekend.

Watch Charlie Worsham and John Osborne perform their collaboration called "Anything Like Me."