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Eddie Wants To Be a Lifeguard Again as His New Side Hustle

Eddie was a lifeguard for over 5 years when he was younger and now he wants to pursue that job again.

He saw on the news that lifeguards are in short supply and thought he could apply as his side hustle. He already has 2 saves under his belt from his time as a lifeguard before. But he would have to go through a lifeguard test in order to qualify, which he's not sure if he can pass. The job would likely pay $13 to $15 an hour, with a possible sign on bonus.

Lunchbox noted that Eddie constantly shares how he's so busy, so he's not sure how Eddie would make the time for this. Eddie said it's a win-win situation because he could work, and then bring his family for free and he could still see them. Though he noted that his teenager would likely be very embarrassed, while the other kids would be happy to see dad in the lifeguard stand.

Bobby Bones wants Eddie to at least go through with taking the test so that he can record video of it. But he added that Eddie could definitely be a lifeguard again if it's something he really wanted.