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Jordan Davis on Writing “What My World Spins Around” With Ryan Hurd

Jordan Davis released his new song "What My World Spins Around" and he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share the story behind it.

Before Davis was successful in country music, he had a job in residential erosion control. He told his boss that he wanted to go to Nashville to write songs, and his boss still let him keep his job until he was ready to move. But instead of doing residential erosion control, he took over weed eating until he left. Davis has scored a few number 1 songs during his career including "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot," "Take It From Me," "Singles You Up," and most recently "Buy Dirt" with Luke Bryan. Another popular hit of Davis' was "Almost Maybes," but it never went number 1. His new song "What My World Spins Around" was written in 2021 with two other songwriters, one of them being Ryan Hurd. The song has a different sound sonically, but Davis says it's one of his favorites lyrically. But up until Davis recorded the song's demo, it was supposed to be a song for Hurd. After the demo, Davis asked Hurd if it was a song for him, and Hurd said "No, it's yours."

Though Davis doesn't just have a new song out, he's currently on tour opening up for Brooks & Dunn. He shared it's the first time that he's been giddy about going on a tour, but he's still making some tweaks to his one hour set. They have been covering the popular country song "Daddy's Money" and plan to keep doing that. He also plans to gift Brooks & Dunn something at the end of their tour for bringing him out on the road. Talking about the tour, he was laughing with Bobby Bones about how difficult it is to impress his wife. When Davis asked if she was going to come out for the first weekend of the tour, she didn't want to and went to visit her friend instead. He admitted she's gone to so many of his shows that she's pretty over it at this point regardless of his tour mates. Davis will finish up 2022 on tour with Luke Combs.

Recently, Davis received LSU's Young Alumni of the Year award, which was a huge deal to him. He got to go back to his college campus, where he hasn't been since he was in school. He gave a speech and accepted the award.