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Alicia Silverstone Shares Stories From Acting Roles in Her Career

Alicia Silverstone is known for several of her acting roles, but at this point in her life she's just as focused on some of her passion projects. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her podcast, her idea of "the kind life," and answer a few questions about her acting career.

Silverstone's first acting credit on IMDb is for The Wonder Years in 1992. While Silverstone doesn't remember specifically where and when she showed up in the series, she did recall being in the hallway where she shot her scenes with Fred. Then she recalled being on Batman and Robin where she played Batgirl. She admitted her costume was incredibly uncomfortable and always caused a lot of chaos. They had to put either baby powder or stockings underneath the costume to be able to get it on her body. Not only that, she had difficulty using the restroom whenever she was in it. And Silverstone also debunked the myth that she speaks fluent French, she doesn't but she does know a few words.

Both of Silverstone's latest movie projects were charting at number 1 via Hulu and Netflix. She did Last Survivors for Hulu on a shoestring budget, and made a cameo appearance in Senior Year on Netflix. Her role in Last Survivors was very easy for her to connect with admitting that she really enjoys living off the grid. She thinks it's nice whenever the power goes out because she gets to be with all of her loved ones and light candles. Then working on Senior Year, Silverstone worked with Rebel Wilson. She noted that Wilson is a very deep, serious person despite her demeanor in all of her acting roles.

What Silverstone is really excited about is her passion projects. She has The Real Heal Podcast where she talks with gastroenterologists to help share good foods as well as help people on a better health journey for their bodies. Silverstone ate a lot of meat growing up because of her English parents. She grew up with an asthma inhaler, often getting bronchitis, having to take antibiotics and shots twice a year, and gained a lot of weight. Whenever Silverstone changed her diet, she said all of her problems went away and she got significantly better. She stopped eating meat and dairy to begin with and that helped everything significantly. But then when she stopped eating sugar and processed foods, she really noticed another difference in her body. So she picks food from her garden and focuses on turning them into good, healthy meals for her family. Not only does the podcast have all of the episodes out talking about her journey, she also wrote a book called The Kind Diet. Silverstone fundamentally believes that a plant based diet nurtures her organs and heals the other hurts of her body. She knows the body is capable of healing itself by switching up diets, especially because no one benefits from processed sugar. In her book, Silverstone shares delicious, healthy food recipes that can help one's body heal. She believes it's all about the scale, if you're just trying to wake up in the morning and feel better, than there are foods for that. If you're trying to get rid of a disease, you may have to put some further restrictions on what goes into your body. Though she noted, any movement in the right direction is a good thing for the earth.