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Morgan Stands on Street With Sign as Punishment After State Capitals Test

After The Bobby Bones Show's Easy Trivia last week, there had to be another test.

During Easy Trivia, Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, and Morgan were all challenged to answer a question about state capitals. Morgan was the only one to get her question correctly, ultimately allowing her to win that round of Easy Trivia. But since the show performed so poorly in that category, some stations reached out disappointed the show didn't know much about their states. So Bobby Bones decided to put them all to the test, and whoever lost had to fulfill a punishment and issue an apology to all of the stations The Bobby Bones Show is on.

Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, and Morgan all had to take a written, matching test. They had 5 minutes to get as many state capitals matched with their state. Lunchbox came in first place getting 35 questions correctly. Eddie and Amy tied in second place, and Morgan came in last answering 28 questions correctly. Though all of them noted that they were unable to actually finish the test completely in just 5 minutes. Since Morgan lost, she issued an apology on behalf of the entire crew to all of the states and their capitals for the show's lack of knowledge in that area.

Then Morgan had to spend 30 minutes on a street corner holding up a sign that read "I'm a disappointment to my family and friends."