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Amy Had Chaotic Morning at Home After Her Phone Died

Amy had a chaotic start to her morning.

It's known in the Bobby Bones Show studio that if you arrive late, you will be sent home. It's been one of Bobby Bones longest rules to be sure everyone is on time. Amy had a "fight or flight" moment after she woke up to a dead phone. Turns out Amy thought her phone was charging, but it wasn't fully plugged into the outlet. So when she played some white noises overnight, the app drained her battery and her phone died sometime in the middle of the night. Luckily Amy woke up in time to still make it to work without being late, but she didn't have any time to spare. She rushed out of the house to get to work, so much so that her house alarm went off and she didn't have time to go back in to stop it. And her phone was still dead so she couldn't turn the alarm off from her phone like she wanted to.

Amy's kids were sleeping, and her husband was gone. The girl who comes to help with their kids was on the way, but not at Amy's house yet. Since Amy's phone was still dead, she couldn't call to communicate with anyone about the house alarm but she was more concerned with making it to work on time. Once she made it to work on time, she started charging her phone. She found out from the woman who helps with their kids that the alarm ended up going fully off and the police showed up. Everything's ok now, and Amy's kids didn't even wake up to the alarm.