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Employee of the Month for May Was Chosen

It's always an interesting day on The Bobby Bones Show when the studio knows an Employee of the Month is being awarded.

Everyone gets their acceptance speeches prepared and then one by one, Bobby Bones knocks off a person who isn't being crowned the winner. In recent months, Eddie, phone screener Abby, and Lunchbox have won. Today (June 2), Bobby Bones crowned the Employee of the Month for April with the help of Mike D and Scuba Steve.

It came down to Lunchbox and Morgan at the very end. Morgan won her first ever Employee of the Month! In addition to her job as digital director, the judges said she brought a lot of great content to the air this month from her blindfolded smell test to all of her old school movie/TV show reviews. After winning, Morgan opted to spin the wheel for money as her prize. On her first wheel spin, she only got $1. But Bones then did a bonus spin where it landed on the $50 option.