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Lunchbox Embarrassed by His Wife Wanting To Have Garage Sale

Lunchbox is normally the one embarrassing his wife with his shenanigans, but this time he felt embarrassed by her.

His wife is wanting to have a garage sale to sell some of their things. Lunchbox feels like it's a bad look for him as a celebrity. He believes people only have garage sales when they aren't in a good financial situation. So if he, a celebrity, has a garage sale then there will be rumors that he's poor. And that's the last thing he wants to happen. Adding that if people come to their house and see the garage sale, then his celebrity status may also be damaged.

Bobby Bones told him none of that is actually true. That anyone who has a garage sale can make some extra cash, and it doesn't have any bearing on his "status." Regardless, Lunchbox still believes his opinions to be true.