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Amy’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Wants To Play ‘Call of Duty’ Video Game

Amy's 15-year-old daughter Stachira is very mature for her age.

Stachira has been known to have an entrepreneurial spirit, often coming up with clever ways to make money at school. She's also a big fan of horror movies, and has been really responsible in taking care of her fish, and the family cat Maggie. So when Stachira asked her mom to play the Call of Duty video game, Amy didn't know what to say. Especially because her daughter is already playing Fortnite.

Amy wanted to be sure she was making the right decision and asked the Bobby Bones Show if she should let Stachira play the game. They told Amy that Stachira would probably be fine playing it, especially since she is already playing Fortnite. They also added that she's probably hearing worse things at school. And she enjoys watching horror movies, so she's seen gory things already.