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Keith Urban Shared Why He Re-Wrote Verses on “Wild Hearts” From Brad Tursi

Keith Urban stopped by The Bobby Bones Show this morning (June 3) and he brought his guitar along with him for some fun covers.

Urban has been performing for years, but admitted he still feels the same as he did when he first started his career. Though he hasn't been the best at remembering things because he's always been focused on the next step. There are some of his songs that he wishes were pushed as singles to country radio like "Lived With," and "You Look Good In My Shirt." He said "You Look Good In My Shirt" barely missed its shot when they chose to go with another song from the same album. "Blue Ain't Your Color" was one of his singles that he didn't anticipate to resonate so well with his fans. As far as the most romantic song of his, Urban says it's definitely "Making Memories." But it's not his pick for most romantic song of all time, he believes that to be The Beach Boys "God Only Knows."

His most recent single "Wild Hearts" was written by Old Dominion's Brad Tursi. Urban actually heard the song, loved the chorus, but the verses didn't speak to him. So he asked Tursi if he could use the chorus and re-write the verse to be more autobiographical to himself. It was the first time Urban had ever re-written a song he's gotten from a songwriter. The verses Urban ended up writing did end up very autobiographical. The song references the first time Urban saw Johnny Cash at a concert at 5-years-old. Urban recalled the crowd being very rowdy, loud, and drunk. He then remembered it going pitch black, the spotlight hit Cash, and then he saw the way his father looked at Cash. And ever since that moment Urban has wanted people to look at him the way his dad looked at Cash.

At this point in his career, Urban has found a good balance between his work and home life. Though stuff still goes out of whack, he's just learned how to recognize things and actually change them. This was important to Urban because when he was a child, his family always moved around. They never owned a home, and he attended 6 different schools in 5 years. Adding that he was the young kid in his class who had long hair and played guitar, but the guitar served as his shield of protection from things.

Urban shared that fans can anticipate some new music from him in the coming months.