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Throwback Thursday: Lunchbox Went to Jail for Radio Prank

On this day back in 2004, Bobby Bones and Lunchbox got in some big trouble for a prank they pulled on air.

Bones and Lunchbox loved to pull pranks on people. They came up with an idea to have Lunchbox go to a convenience store with panty hose over his face and try to purchase gum. That was the entire prank, but because he had panty hose over his face, the clerk thought he was going to be robbed and tripped the silent alarm. Lunchbox recalled getting pulled over and not realizing why they were arresting him until minutes into the arrest. He was charged with making a terroristic threat and could have ended up being in jail for a year.

Lunchbox used his one phone call to call Bones, and told him to call his parents. He got bailed out and thankfully didn't get charged. They both also recalled the police had enough of their antics, and had told them in recent weeks they were going to catch them doing something. The two of them were off the air for nearly 2 months, but Bones said once they were allowed back on the air, their ratings were through the roof.