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It’s Just a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life + Rapid-ish Fire Q&A (5th Thing)

Welcome to the ‘5th Thing’ with Amy & Kat! Our quote for today is from our producer Houston! He sent us a quote saying: “it’s just a bad day, not a bad life” but he couldn't remember where he heard it…so we searched it up and it seems as though it’s a Johnny Depp quote…Lol. 

- Amy & Kat spend this episode answering rapid-ish (nothing rapid about it, lol) questions:

- Favorite thing to do for self-care / favorite way to recharge?

- Can you post a link to jeans from the PIMPINJOY photoshoot? 

- What’s saving your life right now?

- What mascara do you use? 

- What is a benefit of Eating Disorder Recovery that you didn’t expect to find? 

- Favorite show to binge?  

- Favorite perfume?  

- Current coffee order? (DCT - delicious coffee treat) for Father’s Day shopping that gives back to Haiti.

*REMINDER: Donald Miller will be on this Thursday’s 4 Things episode!


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