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Adam Sandler on Those Viral Videos of Him Playing Basketball

Adam Sandler has a new movie called Hustle out now. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories about the project as well as his love for basketball.

The movie is centered around basketball, and Sandler plays a character chasing his dreams. When talking about dreams in real life, Sandler admitted that he's still driven like he was when he was a kid. However, he doesn't dream about things for himself as much as he dreams for his kids (ages 13 and 16) to have great lives and chase their own dreams. One thing Sandler does really love is basketball, so to combine his two passions was a fun project for him. Bobby Bones asked if the movie was an outlet for him to play more basketball. Sandler shared that he played a lot of basketball during the first part of filming the movie, but the second half he only got to play for a bit before injuring his groin. Basketball is all Sandler does in his real life to stay active, confessing that he hoops normally 5 days a week, and sometimes every single day. Fans likely know this about him given there are several viral videos of Sandler playing basketball on public courts. He admitted he's not that great at basketball, but sometimes he will get some good passes or shots. Though most of the time "the kids filming" don't ever get those get moves on camera. While Sandler has a massive love for basketball, he admits he could never be a coach because he couldn't execute plays, memorize everything, or understand every rule.

Sandler has been in the acting world for decades, but he's always wants to learn from others. When he first moved to Los Angeles, he shared that he was intimidated by fellow comedians Eddie Murphy, Kevin Meaney, and Rodney Dangerfield. He really wanted to be like Murphy, more than he ever wanted to receive an Oscar. Discussing Oscars and other awards, Bones asked Sandler how he felt about being snubbed for his role in Uncut Gems. He admitted he doesn't really know what to think anymore. Oscar wins aren't really on his mind in real life, but he doesn't want to let anyone down especially not those who were part of the project that gets snubbed. He mostly loves when his kids are proud of a role he does, and ideally he just wants to "do good shit" regardless of the award outcome.

Movies take a lot of time to come together, and Sandler shared what it's really like for him once he finishes a project. There is excitement when a film wraps and then the anticipation quickly follows. He gets a little bit sick when a movie gets released so he typically takes his energy and focuses on whatever next project he can work on. Adding that he really enjoys when fans come up to him and share any of his past movies that have connected with them.