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Amy Questions if She’s Over-Parenting After Gas Money Situation

Amy had a situation with her daughter Stachira recently that made her worry she was over-parenting.

Stachira is 15-years-old, so she's not far away from driving but it hasn't happened yet. That means Amy is still driving her to all of her activities, including hang outs with her friends. Amy told her that she needs to be sure to grab all of her things before she heads home from any situation. But when Stachira was recently at a friend's house, she left something. The friend's house is 30 minutes away, which meant Amy had to drive Stachira over an hour to go get the item she forgot. So Amy wanted to find a way to gently give her a punishment that would also serve as a reminder.

Amy said she would take Stachira to get her forgotten item, but she was going to charge her gas money. Though Amy has not calculated the mileage yet so her daughter hasn't had to pay up yet. Bobby Bones and Eddie both thought it was a good idea and didn't think it was over-parenting.