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Lunchbox, Morgan, & Raymundo Played in Celebrity Softball Game

Last night, Lunchbox, Morgan and Raymundo played in the Folds of Honor Celebrity Softball Game to kick off CMA Festival week.

Naturally there was a lot of drama surrounding the event. Everyone on the show was asked if they wanted to play, but after some miscommunication it turns out Lunchbox wasn't getting to play. He was instead supposed to conduct interviews on the field. He was bummed that he wasn't allowed to play, especially since Morgan and Raymundo were getting to play. He reluctantly still showed up to the game last night, and things turned out better than he expected in some ways.

Morgan and Raymundo were introduced and full on played for both of their teams. Morgan went 4/4 in hits, but only 2 of them resulted in her getting on base and making it home. She also caught and fielded a few plays on the field. Raymundo went 2/3 for hits, and got "jokingly" yelled at by Kane Brown, Mitchell Tenpenny and Chris Lane for having his phone out while he was playing in the outfield. Then Lunchbox didn't ever get introduced, which was disappointing for him. But Morgan made sure to get him added into the line up so he hit a few times, and made it on base twice.

Of course, there couldn't be an event with freebies without Lunchbox stealing some extra things. Morgan said there were bags for the female players, and coolers for the male players. Lunchbox made sure to take one of each, even though he wasn't supposed to.

Hear about all of the drama and fun from the Celebrity Softball Game above!