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Amy Shared Details on the Neighborhood Mom Party She Hosted

Amy had some bad experiences with the moms in her old neighborhood, so she's trying to create better experiences in her new community.

In Amy's old neighborhood, one of the moms even went to the extent of writing a mean email to her saying she needed to wave to people more in their neighborhood. Otherwise she wasn't a nice person. The email really upset Amy. So in her new neighborhood, Amy has been trying to take the email as constructive feedback and is trying to create a good community. She decided to have a neighborhood mom party, where she invited over 7 of the other moms from the houses near hers.

Today (June 8), Amy shared an update on the party and how it went. She had some cheese and crackers with wine as well as some margaritas with guacamole so that everyone had something they may like. She also had some conversation topics prepared as well as some games. Amy felt like it went really good, and everyone said they wanted to get together again at the end of the party.