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Phone Screener Abby Thinking of Joining OnlyFans for Extra Money

Last week on the show, phone screener Abby shared that Eddie and Lunchbox were talking to her about how to make some extra money.

The topic of OnlyFans came up, which is an internet subscription service where content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content. The website has been known for having NSFW-type content, however that has shifted over time. The guys told her she should do something with OnlyFans if she wanted to make some really good extra cash. Phone Screener Abby was considering it, especially after seeing so many news stories about OnlyFans creators making big money and helping others with it.

She confessed during The Bobby Bones Show today (June 10) that she was really considering it. She could create content of her singing, like her singing while in a bikini. She thinks that could make her a lot of money instead of just posting the videos of her singing on Instagram.